Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your account, order, booklist or anything else? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below to receive the support you need. If you require additional help, or can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department at 877.899.8550.

Account Management

How do I update my account after I begin working at a different school?

If your email address has changed, register a new account with your updated e-mail address and institution details.

If your e-mail address has not changed, we'll need to make this account update for you: Contact Customer Service at 877.899.8550.

I changed my mind and want to cancel my order. How can I do this online?

You cannot cancel your order online. Contact our Customer Service Department at 877.899.8550 for assistance with canceling an order.


What is a book list?

A book list is a set of titles that you have saved for later reference. Think of it as your own customized catalog. Saved book lists, accessible from the "Book Lists" link above, can be loaded into your shopping cart once you are ready to order. You must be signed in to create book lists.

Why would I want to create a saved book list?

Creating a saved book list will allow you to save time on future orders: Schools and districts often place similar orders from year to year. When you are ready to order the same set of materials next year, you can simply add the saved book list into your current order, adjust the desired quantities, and complete your order.


Can I place an online order without establishing an online account?

No. An account is required to place online orders. Create an account to complete your order.

I've placed phone orders with Follett in the past and now want to place an order online. How can I find the password for my account?

Even if you've placed telephone or fax orders with Follett in the past, you must still create a new online account in order to place orders through the website.

I tried to set up an online account, but received the message "The logon ID you entered already exists. Type a different logon ID and try again."

Verify that the email address you entered is correct. If it is, complete the "Forgot your password?" form to receive a validation code that will allow you to reset your password.


Is placing an online order with Follett secure?

Yes; when you view your current order or begin the checkout process, you will notice a small padlock icon in your browser window. This indicates that you are using a secured server.

Follett values your privacy and will not sell your information to third party companies. A link to our Privacy Policy is found at the bottom of every page.

I don't own a credit card. Can I pay with a check or money order?

All online orders must be paid with either a credit card or, for institutional customers, a purchase order. Checks and money orders are accepted for telephone orders. Individuals needing to pay by check or money order should contact our Customer Service Department at 877.899.8550 to place their order and make payment arrangements. Orders for individuals will not be shipped until payment is received.

I tried to enter a promotion code but got an error. Why wasn't the code I entered accepted?

Validate that you entered the code correctly. If you did, there are several potential reasons your promotion code was not accepted:

  • The promotion has expired
  • The promotion code is not yet active
  • Your order doesn't contain any items eligible for the promotion

What does the order status mean?

  • SHIPPED - The item has been shipped and is on its way to you.
    • SHIPPED (NEW) refers to new or premium books
    • SHIPPED (USED) refers to pre-owned books
  • RESERVED - The item from your order has been reserved for your order and set aside in our warehouse but has not yet shipped.
    • RESERVED (NEW) refers to new or premium books
    • RESERVED (USED) refers to pre-owned books
  • BACKORDERED - The item is not currently in our warehouse; however, more are on the way to us from our suppliers.
  • ON BUILD - The item is not currently in our warehouse. We have notified our suppliers of our need for the book, but no units have been located to date.
  • OUT-OF-STOCK - The item is out-of-stock and we are not actively working with suppliers to replenish inventory. Contact our Customer Service Department or your Sales Account Manager for more information.
  • CANCELED - You have requested we cancel this item from your order. Cancellation requests cannot be done online. Contact our Customer Service Department or your Sales Account Manager if you need to cancel an item from your order.

Catalog Search

Can I search by both 10- and 13-digit ISBN numbers?

Yes. The catalog search will accept both 10- and 13-digit ISBN numbers along with keyword phrases.