Certified Pre-owned Textbooks

Follett offers Certified Pre-owned Textbooks and supplemental materials from all of the top PreK-12 publishers, across every grade, subject, and series. These pre-owned textbooks provide an overall better educational value for schools, teachers, and parents.

Choose from the widest selection of PreK-12 programs available, enjoy up to 75% off publisher prices, and save on your instructional material purchases. Find your titles now using the search bar or categories above.

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Why Choose Certified Pre-owned Textbooks?

Textbooks represent one of the largest expenses and most critical needs in any school's budget. By buying pre-owned titles from us, a school or district typically reduces textbook costs by over 30%.

Stretch Your Budget Dollars

Our Certified Pre-owned Textbooks come at savings up to 75% off publisher net prices; for the price of one new book, you could purchase two or three pre-owned titles. With the budget dollars saved by choosing certified pre-owned titles, you can minimize budget shortfalls, staff reductions, and program cuts.

  • Our in-stock pre-owned textbooks, consumables, and supplementary materials are available for immediate delivery
  • All titles guaranteed quality at up to 75% off the current publisher price
  • Take advantage of your surplus with our buy-back program to earn credit toward future purchases

Enjoy Top Quality

Our Certified Pre-owned materials undergo a thorough 10-point inspection and reconditioning process to ensure high-quality standards. You can always order with confidence, knowing that every textbook is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our evaluation checklist for each Certified Pre-owned title we sell includes the following components:

  • Book Cover
  • Corners
  • Spine
  • Binding
  • Title/Copyright Page
  • Index/Glossary
  • Text Pages
  • Book Edges
  • Signature Page
  • Overall Clean Appearance

Our extensive inventory also includes "premium" like-new textbooks and workbooks that have never been used.

Foster a Greener Tomorrow

Did you know that purchasing pre-owned textbooks for your classrooms helps the environment?  Materials that are no longer in use at one school or district are still being used and in high demand at others. By purchasing certified pre-owned titles or selling your surplus materials, you're making a smart choice for your classroom and helping to foster a greener tomorrow.

By choosing Follett, you're helping to put as many books as possible back into the hands of students. We also work with local and national charities to ensure that all materials are reissued, donated to other children, or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

To learn more about our Certified Pre-owned Textbooks, call your sales representative at 877.899.8550 or contact us online.