Products and Services

In addition to our wide selection of classroom materials, Follett also offers professional services and helpful products that help you maximize your budget, learn new skills, managing your materials, and much more. Browse our classroom-focused professional services, catalogs, and products below.

Textbook & Supplemental Catalogs

Our classroom catalogs represent a portion of the textbook and supplemental materials and classroom content from all the leading PreK-12 publishers available through Follett.

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Professional Development

Follett offers a wide range of Professional Development services for educators of every type. Offered as in-person trainings and webinars, our courses demonstrate how to make the most of Follett materials and products in the classroom and beyond.

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Textbook Buy-Back

Out with the old and in with the cash: Follett’s Textbook Buy-Back program gives your school the power to generate additional funds by trading in your obsolete or surplus textbooks, workbooks, and teacher editions. Follett is the nation’s largest purchaser of used textbooks from elementary, middle, and high schools.

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Textbook Management Services

Tell us what materials you need - we’ll take care of the rest with our dedicated Textbook Management Services. Our Textbook Management Services include procurement, sorting, distribution, and even barcoding. These easy, efficient, and effective solutions are equally ideal for a single school or an entire district.

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Curriculum Alignment

Our dedicated Curriculum Alignment team is committed to helping you find the best materials to support your educational goals. This great team can help you align your classroom materials to important standards, fill curriculum gaps, engage students with thematic learning, and so much more.

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